5 Tips for Choosing a Cruise Destination

Our time is as valuable as our money when it comes to holidays, so choosing the right cruise destination is vital. Here are five quality tips to ensure you find that perfect getaway which you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Best Cruise Destination Selection Tips


The Caribbean is a popular cruise destination for obvious reasons, but who’s to say you can’t take a chilly cruise along the Arctic coast? It sounds obvious, but simply researching potential destinations is the first step any potential cruise-goer should be taking. Think about places you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t had the time, or places you visited in the past and would enjoy going back to. Take recommendations from friends and begin compiling a list. Obviously, no-one wants to put too much effort into holiday planning, but a little research goes an awfully long way.


Considering the time of year to travel can’t be overestimated. Choosing to take your cruise at the wrong time can potentially result in adverse weather conditions at the selected destination, or worse, overcrowding from your own countrymen! We take cruises to get away from our home lives, not be piled onto a boat with our work colleagues in another country. Do yourself a favor and choose a time carefully.

Why are you going?

What’s the focus of the cruise? What kind of trip are you actually looking for? If it’s for a relaxing, sun-soaked cocktail extravaganza, you’ll find no shortage of destinations in popular locations like the Caribbean – of course, be mindful of what kind of activities you can enjoy onboard in case of boredom slips in after two weeks. If it’s for a more exploration-focussed adventure, on the other hand, have a browse for cruise destinations that will allow for time to explore while docked at various harbors. If you’re just booking any old cruise at random, it’s going to be a lot harder to come to a unanimous decision, and the last thing you want to do is settle.

Find the best cruise lines

Take some time to research the best cruise lines around the world by using trusted sites with honest reviews; people who have taken the cruise themselves will be totally unbiased. User reviews are actually one of the best sources of research available.Consider also what type of cruise will best suit your needs: is it for romance? Family? Indulgence?Finding the best cruise may even dictate your destination if something like service and luxury are more important to you than a destination itself. If this is the case, go where the wind (or fine wine and lobster) takes you.


Chances are you’re going to have a budget for your cruise, and various destinations will vary in price. After you’ve compiled a list of potential destinations and budgeted the price of the cruise itself, dig a little deeper into how much the average local cuisine and activities cost if you think you’ll be hopping off during docking. Choosing a nice location isn’t about going bankrupt!

Hopefully, these simple tips help you on your way to choosing your perfect cruise destination. One final thing to keep in mind: have fun!